ACSI Announces New TR-24 Technetium Cyclotron

Advanced Cyclotron System Inc. (ACSI) Announces New TR-24 Technetium Cyclotron
ACSI 24 MeV Cyclotron to Produce Technetium-99m

ACSI recently submitted a proposal for a “National Cyclotron Network to Produce Medical Isotopes” to the Government of Canada that would fulfill all the Canadian technetium needs. ACSI’s TR24 cyclotron, the only 24 MeV cyclotron of its kind in the world, is available for those in the global nuclear medicine industry interested in a cyclotron that can produce PET and SPECT isotopes including Tc-99m, I-123 and Ge-68.

ACSI is proposing the direct production of technetium-99m on 24 MeV cyclotrons as an alternative to reactor produced 99Mo/99mTc generator technology. A national network of eight strategically placed cyclotrons provides both a scalable and reliable source of isotopes and is financially self-supporting following a modest initial capital investment. Leveraging existing cyclotron technology and distribution centers, the network can begin operations within eighteen months and would meet the entire Canadian medical isotope needs in two to three years.

With the same footprint as a PET cyclotron yet the capability of producing SPECT isotopes, the TR-24 offers unprecedented versatility. The TR-24 was commercially launched last year and has been licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. ACSI is currently manufacturing a 24 MeV high current cyclotron in its Richmond, BC plant.

To learn more about the TR-24 please contact Mr. Paul Shea at:

Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc.    
Vancouver, Canada


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