Alliance Medical Purchases TR-24 Cyclotron


(Richmond, BC) – Advanced Cyclotron Systems, Inc. (ACSI) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to supply a 500µA TR-24 cyclotron to Alliance Medical ( with headquarters in England.  The new cyclotron expected to be commissioned by the summer of 2017 will be ACSI’s first TR-24 installed in the United Kingdom.

Alliance Medical is Europe’s leading independent provider of medical imaging services.  In the United Kingdom, Alliance Medical currently provides more than 50% of the PET-CT scans for the National Health Service (the UK’s health care system).  The new 500µA, TR-24 cyclotron will greatly increase Alliance Medical’s FDG production capacity and will give them the ability to produce a wide range of other radionuclides for a variety of diagnostic imaging procedures.  ACSI is proud to be partnering with another major radionuclide manufacturer and believes that the addition of the TR-24 to Alliance Medical’s infrastructure will significantly improve their radionuclide production capabilities.

Howard Marsh, Alliance Medical’s Managing Director – Radiopharmacy, had this to say about the recent TR-24 purchase:

We are delighted to be purchasing our first TR-24, which will be installed in our Dinnington facility, bringing the total number of cyclotrons in our network to six.  We selected ACSI’s higher energy cyclotron due to its capability to produce both PET/CT and SPECT products, which, along with the significant additional fluorine-18 production capacity, will give surety of supply to our patients and customers in sourcing radioactive tracers from Alliance Medical.”

The ACSI TR-24 is a high powered, versatile and cost-effective system that reliably produces both PET and SPECT radionuclides for its owners.  The TR-24 comes standard with variable energy extraction (18-24 MeV) and an external ion source.  Designed with high production capability in mind, the TR-24 not only serves current radionuclide production needs, but also ensures sufficient capacity for future growth.


Advanced Cyclotron Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of cyclotrons.  With over 25 years of experience and more than 50 cyclotron systems sold, ACSI can provide a wide range of equipment and services worldwide.  Its cyclotrons are used for the commercial production and distribution of PET and SPECT nuclides by internationally recognized companies and leading research facilities.  ACSI cyclotrons are designed, manufactured and assembled in Richmond, Canada.

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