World’s First Hybrid PET/SPECT Cyclotron Successfully Commissioned at 500µA


Richmond, BC, October 25, 2012 – Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc. (“ACSI”) announces that the first TR-24 cyclotron has been installed and successfully commissioned at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (“CHUS”) in Quebec, Canada. This cyclotron has been successfully commissioned to achieve 500µA at 24 MeV energy. The TR-24 is also the first cyclotron in the world designed to produce commercial quantities of CycloTec™. CycloTec™ is Technetium 99 (“Tc-99m”) produced on ACSI’s cyclotrons.
The TR-24 is a medium energy, high current cyclotron designed to bridge the gap between the smaller PET cyclotrons and larger 30 MeV cyclotrons. It is a cost-effective solution for the production of both PET and SPECT radioisotopes for hospitals, universities, research facilities and commercial suppliers of medical isotopes.  Not only does it have the capability to produce SPECT isotopes in commercial quantities, but it can also produce PET isotopes and unconventional radioisotopes in commercial amounts.

Up until March 2012 CHUS, University of Alberta, and ACSI worked together within the Non-Reactor Based Isotope Supply Program (“NISP”) initiated by Natural Resources Canada on the development of an alternative technology for large scale production of clinical grade Tc-99m using commercial cyclotrons. Lower energy TR-19 cyclotrons were used by researchers  at CHUS and the University of Alberta on the initial stage of development to demonstrate a proof of concept. Experiments at Sherbrooke and Edmonton showed that cyclotron produced Tc-99m is a viable alternative to generator-produced isotopes. The next steps in the collaboration are to develop optimal irradiation conditions for the production of Tc-99m and demonstrate high production yields using newly  installed high current TR-24 cyclotrons.  The Sherbrooke and Edmonton cyclotron facilities are expected to supply about 30% of Canada’s medical isotopes needs. 

A TR-24 cyclotron will also become operational at the University of Alberta in  Edmonton later this year. Both Sherbrooke and Edmonton facilities have equipped smaller TR-PET cyclotrons since 1998 and 2004, respectively.

About ACSI:
ACSI is the leading manufacturer of high-output commercial cyclotrons for the international nuclear medicine community. Cyclotrons are particle accelerators used to produce the isotopes. Its cyclotrons are used for the commercial production and distribution of PET and SPECT isotopes in internationally recognized companies and leading research facilities. 

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