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TR-24 Cyclotrons

24 cyclotronThe TR-24 is a cost-effective solution for the production of PET and SPECT radioisotopes for both commercial users and research institutions.

The TR-24 is a medium energy (18-24 MeV), high current cyclotron manufactured on the platform of our highly successful TR-19 system. The TR-24 bridges the gap between PET cyclotrons and larger 30 MeV cyclotrons. The additional energy and current available with this configuration allow the TR-24 to produce commercial quantities of SPECT isotopes such as I-123, In-111, Ga-67, Ge-68 as well as copious quantities of the traditional PET isotopes.


Features of the TR-24

 A wide range of therapeutic and research radioisotopes available, including:

  • PET: 11C, 13N, 15O, 18F,124I, 64Cu, 68Ge
  • SPECT: 123I, 111In, 67Ga, 57Co, 99mTc
  • Capital equipment, facility and operation cost comparable to PET site
  • Up to 16 targets maximize production flexibility
  • Beamlines and high current targets allow for maximal beam utilization

The Economics of TR-24 Cyclotrons




30 MeV

$2M - $4M + Cyclotron* $2M - $4M + Cyclotron* $8M - $15M + Cyclotron*
$50K - $300K/yr* $50K - $300K/yr* $500K - $1M/yr*
2-4 Operators 2-4 Operators 4-10 Operators

*Prices are estimates based on historical data.

Innovation in Design

  • Reduced physical dimensions: the PET cyclotron footprint for PET/SPECT capability
  • Modular upgrades (targetry, beamlines) allow the system to expand as the requirements of the facility grow
  • 300 microamp of total extracted proton beam current is guaranteed
  • External ion source allows the current output to be upgraded to a maximum current of 1mA
  • The cryo-pumped vacuum system provides high beam transmission and results in minimal cyclotron activation
  • Over-specified components

Operational Focus

Safety, ease of maintenance and maximized uptime are the foundation of the TR-24 design philosophy:

  • Personnel safety is assured via an extensive software and hardware interlock system
  • Fully automated start-up operation routines
  • External ion source and removable extraction probes allow for rapid maintenance with low downtime and minimal radiation exposure to personnel
  • Access to internal parts is not required during routine service
  • Cyclotron does not need to be opened for several years at a time
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