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TR-30 Cyclotrons

Cyclotron TR3030 MeV variable energy negative ion cyclotron for the production of commonly used SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) radioisotopes; I-123, Tl-201, In-111; therapy radioisotopes such as Pd-103; and research isotopes.

Matching Power to Power

Facilities take up property space, capital investment, maintenance and operation cost. Competitor commercial cyclotrons reliably operate at up to 500μA, the TR-30 operates at 1200μA! What impact does this have on your facility costs?


TWO Competitor


POWER 500 μA cyclotron + 500 μA cyclotron 1200 μA Cyclotron
YOUR FACILITY COSTS $10 Million + $10 Million* $10 Million*
TOTALS Two Cyclotrons + $20 Million ONE TR30 + $10 Million

* Prices are estimates based on historical data.

Features of the TR-30

>1000 microamps Total Beam Current
TR-30 is the first commercial cyclotron to exceeds >1000 microamps in the field.  

Variable Energy Extraction
TR-30 offers variable energy extraction between 15 MeV to 30 MeV.  

Simultaneous Dual Target Irradiation
Allows for maximum production of one radioisotope or concurrent production of two different radioisotopes.

External Beam Lines
Up to 9 external beam lines can be configured on the TR-30 cyclotron.

External beam lines

Dual Particle Acceleration
TR-30 can be configured to a TR-30/15 dual particle cyclotron to accelerate both protons and deuterons. This provides a powerful research tool in addition to cost effective production.  

Proven Reliability
TR-30 cyclotrons have the lowest downtime of any commercial cyclotrons in the world. MDS Nordion's TR-30 has been operating for 10 years, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day and only requires downtime for routine maintenance.  

Windows OS
TR-30 uses the familiar Windows operating system with graphical representations of the entire radiochemical process.  

Safety Systems
Extensive safety features have been incorporated into the TR-30. Internal and external safety interlock systems are built into the Computer Control System using visual and audible warning signals.

TR-30 Accessories

  • Solid targets
  • Beam lines
  • Beam line shielding

TR-30 Upgrades

  • Increase total beam currents from 750 microamps to >1000 microamps
  • Add beam lines
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